If you have ever heard of Saraha app before or if you are familiar with Saraha app and have used it before, you will not get difficulty in understanding what exact Yolo app offers.

In short, we can say that Yolo is almost similar to Saraha app. Another name of this new app is OnYolo Anonymous app.

On Yolo Anonymous app is natively developed for iPhones, iPad, and other iOS devices. It is a platform where you can ask any kind of question to your friends anonymously as well as you can answer the same asked question anonymously. It enables you to let your friends share their thoughts or answer that question. This way, even your friends will not be able to recognize that you are a part of that particular question.

Here, the ‘friends’, which we are talking about, are actually your Snapchat followers.

Though Yolo app is not officially released for Windows PC and Mac OS, so here in this guide, you will learn how to download this app on PC and Mac easily.

You must know that within a very short time, Yolo has become one of the most downloaded apps in the US and UK. Even within a week after the launch of this app, thousands and thousands of downloads are reported all around the world, especially in these two countries.

Yolo for PC and Mac

But, what if you do not have an iOS device or want to have this app on something bigger than your iPhone and still looking to try the features of Yolo?

For this, you need not buy a new iPhone or to spend money on buying some other tool so that you can have a Yolo app on your PC and Mac. All you require is to go through this guide, which will provide you the information on how to get Yolo Anonymous app on your Windows PC and Mac OS.

Before moving further, it would be good to know more about Yolo so that when you have it on your PC or Mac, you can use it in a much better way, even than its iPhone users.

More about OnYolo Anonymous App


As we have discussed in brief earlier, Yolo is a social communication app that allows you to ask questions in your stories anonymously and your Snapchat followers give answers to those questions by sharing their opinions in this regard.

With Yolo, the users of Snapchat are allowed to insert and add question banners where the followers are able to type in a question or message which they want to share or tell the person. In addition to this, you as the main user of Snapchat can also answer the messages you receive through your Snapchat stories. It works like a answers and questions loop, which can be related to anything.

Throughout the exchange of messages in the form of questions and answers in this popular social communication app, the identity of the Snapchat user asking the questions remains hidden.

It means you are free to ask anything you want that you cannot ask upfront while showing your identity.

In other words, it is a great social networking app with the help of which people can express their feelings without any stress, fear, and embarrassment.

Yolo for PC & Mac

Is Yolo safe?

Sarahah app which gained popularity in 2017 was removed from the app store within a very short time, all due to the accusations from people considered it as one kind of source of bullying.

Of course, when any new social media app is introduced in the market, safety and privacy concerns come first for maintaining peace and respect in this digital world as well as the effects on the society and the world.

Yolo is no different in this regard.

When we talk about Yolo app, it is very clear that allowing anonymous messages in terms of answers and questions could be easily misused in any way, like sending abusive, upsetting, or offensive messages.

As Snapchat justifies that Yolo meets the duty of care to children in many ways, where the main point is Age rating of Yolo i.e. 12+.

When Yolo app is opened for the first time, it gives you a warning with the pop-up conveying users that ‘Yolo has no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users.’

It also includes a message informing users that ‘You’ll be banned for any inappropriate usage.’

Hence, when anonymity is a matter of concern, it is always suggested to the users to give honest and genuine messages to others.

Always keep in mind that this social app is for positive and respectful feedback or messages only. So, if you are going to use Yolo, you must be kind, respectful and show your humanity with other users, otherwise banning you will not take even a minute to Yolo.

So, be mindful of what you are saying.

Yolo for PC and Mac

Reasons for Getting Yolo Anonymous App for PC and Mac

There are several reasons encouraging you to get Yolo for your Windows PC and Mac OS. No doubt, each user has his own reason for choosing this app to use and enjoy on PC and Mac, when they know it is not officially available for these systems. So, let’s learn about some common reasons that push Snapchat users to have this app on their PC or Mac.

  • Getting Yolo for PC and Mac is something that works effectively in case if your iOS device is not working properly or if you do not have one and wants to use Yolo desperately. Installing this app on PC or Mac saves you from spending money on buying a new iPhone or iPad.
  • Another reason for getting the app for PC and Mac can be enjoying the wonderful interface on the bigger screen than your iOS device. Running Yolo via an emulator on your PC and Mac is quite easier and let you use the app on something bigger for better viewing and user experience.
  • Sometimes, some users do not want to install any new app on their iOS device and they want straight away to run it on their system, this can be another reason for looking at the PC version of Yolo, but as it is not available, so different methods are used to get the app on PC and Mac.

Now, hope these common reasons for installing Yolo Anonymous Q&A app are enough to head towards the different methods of how to get Yolo for PC and Mac.

How to get Yolo App for PC and Mac?

To give the best anonymity experience to the users, Yolo is continuously improving to give faster and easy to use social communication app to the people.

With the main aim of this guide, now we will show you how to download and install Yolo on your PC and Mac using other methods when its native version for PC is not available.

Here, we are going to discuss two methods of achieving your goal.

Using Android emulator

Android emulator helps in transforming your Windows PC and Mac OS into an Android device, thus let you run Android apps or games on your PC/Mac effortlessly.

Using iOS emulator

Similarly like Android emulator, iOS emulator helps in transforming your Windows PC and Mac OS into an iOS device, giving you an opportunity to run iOS apps on your PC/Mac effectively.

Whether you choose Android emulator or iOS emulator for running OnYolo Anonymous App on PC and Mac, both ensure to provide 100% safe and virus-free environment.

Still, you are advised to choose the best emulator in order to get the best anonymous Q&A experience without any worry of leaking your identity.

Now, move further with the step by step guide to install Yolo app on your PC and Mac using BlueStacks (Android emulator) and iPadian (iOS emulator).

Getting Yolo on PC and Mac using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the most popular and effective Android emulators which work great in letting you enjoy Yolo app on your PC and Mac with great ease.

Let’s start with this first method i.e. using BlueStacks as the Android emulator, where you require following the given steps carefully.

  • At first, you have to download the best Android emulator – BlueStacks on your PC or Mac. Simply click on the download button listed below.


  • Once it is downloaded, click to install it with the on-screen instructions.
  • After the completion of the installation process, open BlueStacks.
  • Make sure to log in to the Google Play Store using your Google account. If you do not have any Google account, you must create a new one before going to the next step.
  • Once you have logged in, type ‘Yolo’ on the search bar.
  • Go with the top result providing you the exact app you want to get on your PC or Mac. It will be displayed like a yellow colored icon.
  • Now, click on the Install button and wait for it to complete.


  • That’s all! Yolo app is on your desired system.

Getting Yolo on PC and Mac using iPadian

iPadian is the best iOS emulator to turn your PC and Mac into an Apple device supporting apps designed specifically for iOS devices. It helps in getting the best performance and speed on your system.

Now, check out these instructions which you need to follow step by step to get this wonderful app on your desired system, PC or Mac.

  • The first step includes downloading iPadian on your PC and Mac by clicking the download button listed below.
  • Now, install and launch iPadian by following the instructions given on the screen.
  • Once this emulator in installed on your system, search for ‘Yolo’ app on the search box in the iPadian App Store.


  • Next, select the top result containing Yolo app with a yellow colored icon.
  • Now, click the Install button to start the installation process.
  • It may take a little, so have patience and wait for it to complete the process.
  • Once it is installed, click on its icon from the home screen of iPadian.
  • Now, login in the app with Snapchat and enter your display name.
  • Now, your Snapchat account is completely synchronized with the OnYolo Anonymous app.
  • You are free to ask any question to your friends secretly.

Things to keep in mind

Though Yolo is focused on allowing Snapchat users to ask or answer anonymous questions, where you can send any question anonymously to any group of your friends on Snapchat, some users are quite controversial and use this app for bullying by taking advantage of their anonymity.

It is quite wrong; get this app just for fun, nothing more. Simply learn to respect others and it is only possible if you will never think of using Yolo in some different way, like hurting others in any way.

Your single wrong word for that person may lead to worse consequences. So, always think twice before using any bad or disrespectful words for anyone.

Now, when are familiar with Yolo Anonymous Q&A app and also will never take advantage of your anonymity, get it on your PC or Mac today only and start asking and answering questions anonymously.