3 Best Alternatives to Yolo App

Yolo is an app that lets you receive and answer messages anonymously from the users of the Snapchat. Yolo Anonymous app always works in combination in Snapchat in your device. The responses are then directly shared into your snap story. Being one of the social networking apps, which has gained popularity within just 24 hours of its launch, become the topmost apps in the Apple Store.

There can be many reasons when people look for an alternative to Yolo app, like it can be non-availability for Android devices, or looking for something better than this app, or want to prevent bullying, etc. Here are the 3 best alternatives to Yolo which you can think of using as per your choice.


Get Yolo on your PC and Mac


Sarahah is also one of the social communication apps which provide you a chance to get a genuine input. If you want to join this app, you have to add your email id and need to choose any good name. This name is then used to communicate with your friends to receive honest and constructive feedback.

This app ensures to provide a safe environment to its users for sharing feedback privately.

Sarahah is a wonderful app for those who find it difficult to share feedback with their friends face to face or through any public channel.

The user’s account is kept private by default and can only appear in the app search engine if you opt to make it public.



Sayat and Yolo are somewhat relative, but Sayat offers more as compared to Yolo. Sayat is a wonderful app to ask any type of most personal questions safely and anonymously.

Once your question is published, it will be displayed for everyone in the community so that they can answer your question anonymously.

The app provides you an opportunity to create a particular inquiry for your page, something like, ‘Which negative behavior pattern I need to change?’, instead of a conventional way, like ‘leave input for me’. You can build any inquiry which you want others to reply.

Also, you can send answers to those who have sent you a message and it can be possible only with other Sayat users.



F3 is another app which gives you the freedom to ask anything from your friends anonymously and see what they think of you by answering your anonymous questions. You can ask anything which you have never dared to ask before because everything goes anonymously. For this, you have to share your anonymous question link with friends.

If you want to see everything about your friends, you need to follow them. You can send anonymous messages and answers to your friends, where you are allowed to add photos and videos.

The text and drawing tools are something that gives you a chance to bring life to your messages. One feature that makes it different from others is the disappearance of questions and answers in 72 hours.

So, next time when you want something similar to Yolo for experiencing anonymous communication with others, you can go with any of these 3 Yolo alternatives.