How To Use Yolo App on Snapchat

Yolo is a social communication app which allows you to ask questions from your Snapchat followers without revealing your identity. This anonymous app works only with Snapchat, where you are also allowed to share your reply on Snapchat.

Here, you will learn the step by step guide of using Yolo on the Snapchat app. One thing that you should always keep in mind that Yolo, being an anonymous social networking app never works alone. Many people who are unaware of this fact usually get confused in using Yolo app.

For questioning anonymously to your Snapchat followers or receiving the anonymous questions from your Snapchat followers, you require having Snapchat app on your device.

If you want to use the Yolo app, first of all, get the Snapchat app on your device and then connect the Yolo app with Snapchat. You must know that Yolo app is officially available for iOS devices, but you can have it on your Android devices, Windows PC and Mac OS using some other methods. These methods help you to enjoy using Yolo on your desired device, other than the iPhone or iPad.

Yolo for PC and Mac

Get Yolo on Your PC and Mac

Now, let’s move further with this step guide on how to use Yolo on Snapchat. Once you are connected with Yolo, you can go with messaging anonymously on Snapchat with great ease.

Simply follow these steps carefully.

  • Firstly, you have to download and install the Yolo Anonymous app on your iOS device.
  • Once you are done with its installation, open it on your phone.
  • You will see ‘Login with Snapchat’ button, so click on it. Make sure, you must have Snapchat account for this step.
  • After you are logged in, you need to click on the ‘Continue’ button once your Snapchat is opened. This Continue button will enable your Snapchat account to link with Yolo app.
  • Now, open Yolo app, where you have to click on ‘Get Anonymous Messages’ button. It will enable you to start getting anonymous messages from your friends i.e. Snapchat followers.
  • Now, you can type your anonymous question or a message in order to receive anonymous messages from Snapchat. Here, you can customize the font and color of your message as well.
  • Once finishing all kinds of customizations, you have to click on ‘Share’ button.
  • It will open Snapchat, where now you are free to post your Snapchat story.

Now, you will start getting anonymous messages including the anonymous questions your Snapchat followers will ask you. Answering those anonymous messages are quite easier, these steps will help you learn how to give an answer to an anonymous question.

  • Open Yolo app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Next, you have to click on the Anonymous Question to give your answer to it.
  • After typing your answer, clicking on the Reply button will take you to the Snapchat app.

This guide will let you understand clearly about how to use Yolo on the Snapchat app as well as how to give reply to an anonymous question. So, get this app and enjoy receiving and giving messages anonymously.