Yolo vs Sarahah – What Would You Choose?

These days, when social networking is on the top of the digital world, millions and millions of people of all ages from all around the world are engaged to it like the craziest thing ever. Anonymity is something which is considered as one of the greatest offerings of this digital world.

Anonymity allows you to hide your identity online easily while communicating on social networks and you are allowed to say what you want to.

Honesty and kindness are greatly accepted when using social networks, still, the chances of disrespectful messages exist which you cannot ignore in any way.

Yolo and Sarahah are social communication apps, both allow their users to ask questions and receive messages from their friends anonymously. When both are developed with the same concept and both are providing the same functions, it lets many people to get confused between both apps. Many people find it a little difficult to choose the one to enjoy sending and receiving messages anonymously.

In this guide, you will get to know more about both of these anonymous apps, Yolo and Sarahah, along with comparing which is better to choose for accessing their anonymity feature.


Yolo, which means ‘You Only Live Once’ is an app which is developed by Snap Kit. Snap Kit is also a tool developed by Snapchat as a mode of allowing small companies and developers to be engaged within its social network.

Yolo app cannot be used alone, as it is linked with Snapchat, so you must have Snapchat account and both apps are to be connected to use Yolo. Yolo uses Snapchat allowing people to post a story which invites other users to ‘send me anonymous messages’. This post can be sent to the Snapchat followers of the user looking for anonymous messages or can be shared publicly, which means the post is open for all and all Snapchat users can send anonymous messages.

Yolo vs Sarahah

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The person who gets this post is allowed to send an anonymous message on Yolo app, thus giving both sender and receiver a freedom to hide their identity while using Yolo.


Sarahah is also another social communication app that allows users to ask questions to other anonymously as well as the users reading this question can reply it anonymously. Sarahah is an Arabic word, which means humanity and frankness.

The app achieved great success with a Snapchat update giving people a facility to share URLs of their story on their snaps.

Sarahah became very popular within a short time of its launching, where giving a chance to get legit input can be one of the reasons for this. When you get a message anonymously and that anonymous user shares his/her Sarahah handle, you can also send messages anonymously.

What to Choose?

Yolo is an app which is used to send an anonymous question to your Snapchat followers and Sarahah is a social networking service which is used to provide constructive feedback to your friends, Boss and others. After getting through Yolo and Sarahah, both apps are worthy

If you want to send an anonymous question and want to reply to any message anonymously, you must choose Yolo. On the other hand, when you want to send feedback to your friends and relatives, Sarahah would be the best choice.